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. in to be tried as the enemy enemy, to in the military court, why did the obama administration make this choice? >> there are two aspects with the enemy come back and. first of all, he is the united states citizen committee to crimen u.s. soil so he cannot be tried in a military tribunal for that reason. the other way he could be tried is if there is indisputable evidence so we have heard reports it has to be clear and convincing evidence he has ties and that the federal government does not believe they are associated. lou: the most recent reports are they are investigating very diligently that tragic incident. the obama administration says they cannot try in an american court because he is an american citizen with a king kill him with a missile fired from a drone despite that he is. square that up. >> this really comes down to a political debate. republicans verses democrats and if you take it from a completely different perspective, the government says we can try him in a federal court and let him have his u.s. constitutional rights he is a citizen. the you we will be so good to prosecute and
of sending letters to president obama and others appeared in federal court in mississippi today. an attorney for paul kevin curtis says his client is innocent. court documents show curtis believed the government was trying to smear him for covering a conspiracy. an attorney said curtis has be diagnosed as bipolar. >>> a disgraced justice of the peace is charged with the murders of a texas director. eric lyle williams was arrested saturday. his wife named her husband as the gunman. williams was convicted on theft charges last year. he lost his law license and job as a result. the slain da and assistant prosecuted that case. kim williams is charged with murder. authorities allege she was the get away driver. >>> a state audit finds the state failed to collect as much as $22 million meant for causes ranging from the environment to veterans. the department of motor vehicles undercharged and famed to collect fees on inactive plates. a separate investigation last year found that money from a september 11th memorial plate was diverted to other use. >>> twitter launched a new music discovery app tod
is were tried in civilian courts. president obama back in 2009 said he no longer wanted to use the term enemy combatants. it's almost been removed from this administration's vocabulary even though we've heard it quite recently. we've heard this when there is a terrorist blot from conservative. they want to be sure that they're tried as an enemy combatant. not this time, and like everyone has been saying the case against this guy is so significant that they shouldn't have a hard time putting him away. >> cenk: joe, let's do it right. where they said, i didn't mirandaize him right away, and i used this public safety exception. but when the time had come, we're going to trial him in trials so liberals get off my back. >> the cynical view is is that's exactly what happened, but none of us are cynics. >> cenk: no, no. >> one thing you have to keep in mind. first, this is what conservatives do. the whole notion that this guy is some scary dude that we have to bring the full force of the law against him. this is what this arms argument does. it says that we as the united states government has
the obama administration's argument that it was a state secret. the court ordered the cia to respond to freedom of information requests about targeted killing. a few days later, three obama officials told the daily beast that the drone program will move from the cia to the defense department. that could increase accountability and transparency. the president also responded by saying this at the state of the union. >> i will continue to engage congress to ensure not only that our targeting, detention and prosecution of terrorists remains consistent with our laws and system of checks and balances. but that our efforts are even more transparent to the american people and to the world. >> but it looks like that effort is not getting very far. the administration refused to even send a witness to testify and answer questions at today's hearings. the chair of the hearing told us the legal and policy questions surrounded targeted killings require a public debate. once again, it looks like a debate the white house would rather skip. joining us now to discuss the government's obligation to def
. >>> the man accused of mailing a letter containing the poison ricin to president obama is expected back in court today. he has denied any involvement in the letter sent to the president or other letters sent to a senator and judge. his attorney says authorities have little evil connecting him to the evidence. >>> today marks three years since bp's deep water horizon oil platform sank in the gulf of mexico following a how long explosion. that explosion killed 11 workers. it also caused an oil leak that lasted for almost three months. almost five million barrels of oil leaked into the gulf of mexico. damaging marine and wildlife habitats as well as the fishing and tourism industries of the gulf coast. >>> 5:16 is the time. could be a little busier today. think most of all schools are back from spring break and people back from vacations. it could get crowded. >> it could. we are seeing people on the roads. we don't have a huge crowd just yet. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's not all that bad. traffic is looking good getting into san francisco. also the morning commute
of mailing a letter containing the poison ricin to president obama is back in court today. paul kevin curtis has denied any involvement in the letter sent to the president or other letters that were sent to a u.s. senator and a judge. his lawyer days authorities have little evidence connecting him to the letters. curtis' family says he suffers from mental illness. >>> today marks three years six bp's deep water horizon oil platform sank at the gulf of mexico after a huge explosion. 11 workers were killed in this explosion. it caused an oil leak that continued almost three months. almost five million barrels of oil leaked into the gulf. it damaged marine and wildlife habitats as well as the gulf coast fishing and tourism industries. >>> sal is covering traffic and starting in the south bay. what is going on? >> we are just looking at the south bay traffic getting busier pam and dave. 237 we will start there and see the traffic is getting a little bit here. it's not stop and go. it's still rather early. you probably will see some congestion here before too long. it's also a little bit slow in
in moving forward in civilian court, the obama administration treated the efforts of certain vocal republicans to troll the president into engaging in a lawless departure from established precedent as exactly that, as trolling on and a half of a ridiculous and illegal proposition. >> he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will prosecute this terrorist under u.s. law. united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions. this is absolutely the right way to go and the appropriate way to go. and when it comes to united states citizens, it is against the law to try them in military commissions. >> and it matters that the white house is treating the idea of holding an american citizen outside of the american legal system as what it is, which is crazy and unacceptable. and it matters that appears to be where americans stand on the issue too. when asked just last week in the midst of the aftermath of the boston bombing, with the images and videos of the horror there, the top of everyone's mind, which worries you more, the government will not go far enough to investigat
in court. it will be used to protect us. so i'm hoping the obama administration will look at him as a potential enemy combatant, allow the intelligence community access to him without a lawyer, find out what he knows about terrorist organizations that may be coming our way. that, to me, is the primary goal in the coming weeks here. >> bret: i'm going to follow up on that. he was not given his miranda rights in the public safety exception. i want to talk more about that, but i want to follow up on the plot thickens, what you started with. you said you talked to the f.b.i. director. do you believe, knowing what you know, that there are more people involved? >> i think it is too early to make that decision, but the more we know about these two guys, the more it looks like they're moving parts here. but the reason i'm so insistent that we have time, if you read him his miranda rights, the public safety exception is a exception that's really not a terrorist doctrine. as the plot things, you might could hold him without miranda worns for two or three days, maybe four. under the law of
here in the u.s. >> you're saying that this person definitively would be tried in a federal court but is it not possible that the obama administration unlikely but possible that they would choose to designate him an enemy combatant prosecute him in military court? >> to get into that discussion now is to get way ahead of the situation and a lot of speculation and conjecture. cases like this have been made countless times. you look at the world trade center case, many other cases have been done successfully here through our criminal justice system and my guess is that is the way it is going on this one as well. >> thank you so much. david kelley, i appreciate it. we're just learning that president obama will give a statement on the failed gun control amendment that will be in the rose garden at 5:30 p.m. eastern. we'll be right back. [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system allows us to get you through your home loan process fast. which m
received from the federal people that senator wicker and president obama received. with that being said, the letter that we received at justice court and the content has now, after this preliminary test, has been sent to the same laboratory group of people that are finalizing and analyzing the two letters that the federal people received. we will be waiting for official results. i cannot release those until i get them. i can save you that question now. this led us to the next step, which the real reason that i think you are here is the federal people was giving us information this morning of a person of possible interest that could possibly be in our area, is what they were doing here. and we were assisting them with this information and the possible location of this individual. it led us down several paths. it led us to several different leads that we assisted them on. they were, much like us, concerned that the letter that we received and the two letters that they had, there is a great possibility that this was sent from the same individual or group of individuals. at that point the i
judges in our federal courts system. so i think the obama administration wisely said well, we have this existing criminal justice system. it's worked really well. it's detained and incarcerated hundreds of terrorists. why reinvent the wheel when we have something that works really well. >> the breaking news that we had in this case this hour, at least into the investigation of this case this hour is that a senior government official told nbc news tonight that in the initial interrogation at the hospital, the suspect said that he and his brother learned bomb-merriaking the internet. they were not in touch with any terrorist groups overseas, and that they were motivated by religious fervor. i don't know where they learned bomb-making on the internet, and i don't know why they came to believe that religious fervor should equal bombing the boston marathon. but does the fact that the u.s. government says we are at war with al qaeda factor into this case at all given what we know about this case thus far? >> well, not as of yet. it may turn out to be that they are members of al qaeda or
him through the u.s. district court in boston. >> julian has a point, the obama administration policy has been well stated. >> and the bush administration policy. >> we expect miranda, we expect it to take place only after they've had a chance to question him about immediate -- how broadly they describe that we'll see. jay, julian, good to see you. thank you. >> thanks. >>> we're getting new insight into the personal life of one of the suspects who apparently had a wife and young daughter. see what the in-laws are now saying about tamerlan tsarnaev coming up. >>> one of the brothers was inspired by a radical muslim cleric whoa
: the senate has confirmed president obama's nominations for cabinet and circuit court but not his district court nominations more rapidly than it did those of president george w. bush or president clinton. in 2013 the senate changed its rules to speed up consideration of those district judge nominations. in the history of the senate -- of course, this includes president obama -- no cabinet member, unless you count john bolton's nominations by george w. bush to be the u.n. ambassador -- and no district judge has ever been denied his or her seat because of a filibuster; that is, a failed cloture vote. and in the history of the senate, only seven circuit judge nominees have been denied their seats by a filibuster. five of george w. bush's nominees and two of president obama's nominees. so i ask consent to put in the record this summary of president obama's nominations, along with an article from "the washington post" that points out that president obama's nominees have been confirmed more rapidly than those of the last three presidents in his first term. i ask consent to put that in the recor
.t.f. and other agencies are doings a full court press, scott. >> pelley: bob, thank you. president obama at the white house today vowed to bring justice to whoever is responsible for the bombings. we will have that part of the story when the "cbs evening news" continues. eight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. and "multiple choice," come to walgreens for help finding the one that's right for you... like centrum. now, get four dollars off select centrum products with balance rewards ca
president obama slamming the shameful republicans who voted against 90% of the court. >>> plus, new incredible stories of survivors from the boston attacks and the heroes who saved them. stay with us. welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. >>> we are learning more from the victims and heroes of boston. chris jansing has been
citizens, and we will bring them to justice. >> obama says the government is on high alert for a new terror attack. he has called on supreme court authorities to take necessary measures. >>> a japanese marathoner captured some. scenes in the chaos and confusion in boston from a different angle. he was running in the race with a small camera attached to his cap. he was approaching the finish line when the first bomb went off. then 12 seconds later,. he calls the bombings streamly regrettable. he said he'd previously heard boston is one of the safest cities in the united states. >>> italian police have seized billions of dollars in assets from an uh oo its of the japanese brokerage holdings. they said the group hipped an italian badges conceal millions of losses. investigators found earlier this year that managers at the bank were involved in a cover up. prosecutors are looking into whether former executives are criminally responsible >>> the bank traded derivative financial products with know knew da international and lost hundreds of ms. of dollars. they were ordered to seize money from th
court had overturned obama care, maybe they had better slow things down a little bit in the cnn newsroom. >> there was a period of time, i would say it was about 30, 45 minutes where -- i would say about an hour where cnn was the only sort of lone wolf out there saying they made the arrest. they made the arrest. a lot of people, our friend dylan byers said this could be the moment cnn gets redemption for screwing up the supreme court case and now it turns out that they only dug themselves in a deeper hole. >> bill: yeah. and used to be that breaking news, you turned to cnn to get it right. breaking news now maybe you turn to cnn to find out what did not make the news. speaking of breaking news, while you were talking peter abc reporting between -- authorities estimate between 5 to 15 fatalities in the texas fertilizer plant explosion. whoa. the senate failing the test yesterday. but first... >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >>> a quick check of other headlines making news on this thursday. a powerful start to the boston bruins game. renee cancord is the legendary the anthem
containing ricin to president obama is expected back in court. paul kevin curtis has denied any involvement sent to the president or other letters sent to a senator or judge. his attorneys say there's little evidence connecting him to the letters but curtis's family says he does suffer from mental illness. >>> we're hearing the frantic 911 calls made from a deadly explosion at a fert light ez -- fertilizer plant in west, texas. >> there's been an explosion at my house. all of the windows are completely in. >> at least 14 people were killed in last wednesday's explosion and 200 more were injured. ten of those killed were first responders. >> listen, to me. the station just totally exploded. i have a nursing home and an ammo station and i need as much help that you can sent. >> some were able to return home. howf, they have strict curfews and limited water -- however, they have strict curfews and limited water and electricity. >>> the international atomic energy has been investigating the fukushima plant. the plant's operator has been told to replace the current equipment there with a more re
of mailing ricin to president obama will take center stage in court today. prosecutors in his home state of missouri, paul kevin curtis september poison letters to a senator and a local judge. if the bi said a search of his car and home found no evidence of ricin there or ingredients for the poison. we'll watch that in court today. martha: a car bomb targeting the french embassy in the libyan capitol of tripoli wounded at least three people. crumbled the walls surrounding the compound. windows were shattered there. several vehicles near the building were destroyed. libyan's foreign ministry is calling it a terrorist attack. the first assault on an embassy in libya since september 11th when four americans died including our u.s. ambassador. bill: here we go. back now to capitol hill. breaking news on this hearing underway where a high-stakes battle on the hill over immigration reform. some republican lawmakers grilling homeland security secretary janet napolitano. that is chuck grassley there from iowa, arguing the bill could create a path to citizenship for 11 mill illegals and does litt
.s. is on the offense when it comes to china and cybersecurity. "the wall street journal" reporting the obama administration is considering several aggressive options to confront china ranging from diplomatic pressure to indicting chinese nationals in u.s. courts. officials tell "the journal" these options is not necessarily imminent, but they demonstrate how cybersecurity has become a central part of diplomacy. >>> and the dreamliner could be flying again within weeks. the faa has approved the aircraft maker's plan to fix its troubled batteries. >>> the top trending stories. plus the atf wants to know what caused a massive ferlt lieser plant explosion in texas. >>> and a funny car that provides anything but laughs in north carolina. details next. >>> more than four days after that huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in central texas, officials say everyone is accounted for. 14 people killed, 200 injured, and of the 14, 10 were first responders. gabe gutierrez reports from west, texas. >> reporter: new video of the damage in west, texas, after a fertilizer facility exploded in a blinding fir
of the proceedings. what's your assessment, jeff, of the initial hearing and the fact that the obama administration decided to try him in civilian court rather than as an enemy combatant in a military tribune jal? >> i think the military tribunal was a complete nonstarter. there has never been an american citizen arrested on american soil charged in a military tribunal. it's just simply never going to happen. it certainly didn't happen in the bush administration, didn't happen in the obama administration, so that was never -- that's just not -- it's irrelevant at this point. now the case is under way. the fact that he was well enough to be arraigned on the complaint means now that the government will move to present this case in the grand jury, probably within a month there will be an indictment, and then the case will move to a federal district court. at that point, i expect things will slow down quite a bit. i would be surprised, given the magnitude and complexity of this case, that there could be a trial inside of a year, but at least now the process is under way. >> juliette, from a law enforce
of war. the decision by the obama administration to try this person in federal court is a sound decision, it is the right decision. military commission trials are not available in cases like this. there is ample evidence here on the criminal side. a first-year law student could prosecute this case. what i'm word about is what does this individual know about future attacks or terrorist organizations that may be in our midst? >> exactly. that's the point i've been make. joining me to debate this from the american law of justice, former justice department prosecute, mr. goldman is with us. there is enough evidence. this is not about prosecuting this guy at this point. this is about what does he know, who is financing, who is connecting, who else may be involved. is this an ongoing terror plot? are there other cells that are out there and are there any foreign links? this guy ought to be right now be interrogated in a very intense way. >> right. and the problem that we've got here is there is this confusion out there that somehow he is declared, which the president is not going to do, to try
with ricin to president obama and a senator is due back in court today. paul kevin curtis denies any involvement but an fbi agent says the letters contain lines that are also on the suspect's facebook page. and indentations on the letter possibly from envelopes that were on top traced back to two of the suspects' former addresses. >>> major airports across the country have few air traffic controllers on duty today. those positions are being furloughed due to federal spending cuts. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at sfo this morning with what that means for bay area travelers. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: good morning. well, if you are flying today, ep ey flig status delays are expected at airports across the united states because of furloughs of air traffic controllers. the furloughs actually started yesterday but because sunday is a lighter travel day, flights were smooth for the most part. at l.a.x. though some flight delays averaged more than 3 hours and 70 flights there were delayed more than an hour. starting today travelers can expect wait times ranging from 10
of sending letters laced with ricin to president obama and a senator is due back in court today. paul kevin curtis denies any involvement but an fbi agent says the letters contain lines that are also on the suspect's facebook page. indentations on the letter possibly from envelopes that were on top trace back to two of the suspect's former addresses. >>> doctors this morning are warning temperatures to stay away from the cinnamon challenge. the dangerous stunt has been depicted online in which someone swallows a spoonful of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds. you can't have any water. doctors say doing that can lead to breathing problems and collapse a lung. at least 30 teens needed medical attention because of the stunt last year. you know, great in your cookies. oh, man. can't imagine. >> not swallowing it whole. >>> time now 5:50. it's helped make thousands of movie memories. now a bay area city is fighting to save a cultural landmark. >> legally busted. reese witherspoon makes her first comments since her shocking weekend arrest. details coming up. [ male announcer ] every day, your car take
as kenneth curtis of mississippi and may appear in court later tonight. two letters were intercepted, one to president obama and one to roger wicker. let me go back to you on this, clint. what do you make of this case? there's something about these bombings where they seem to lead to -- it just seems to -- like snakes travel in pairs, we get the ricin case and cases like these. >> he signed the letters, this is kc and i approve this message. that doesn't take a whole lot of heavy lifting to match up this guy whose name you just said in the initial kc. i think it's logical to find out that it's probably not ricin. it's probably another false positive. in this abundance of caution especially because of boston, you have to take these things serious. was there any connection between the two, likely not. >> i think somebody stirs up the nuts in cases like this because we had anthrax last time that got to talk brokaw and the former leader -- i forget his name. >> tom daschle. >> thank you, michael leiter and thank you clint and jonathan. >>> coming up, we're going to talk to deval patrick. we'l
that we just learned about, we also have additional news on the ricin-laced letter sent to president obama and some senators. the man charged may appear in court tonight. sue, you do you know more on this story? >> pete williams is reporting that they have made this arrest of suspect.story? >> pete williams is reporting that they have made this arrest of suspect. they may have him in court later. we believe he's from tupelo, mississippi. we're not sure on his name. but pete williams reporting that story and of course cnbc will have all the details for you on that 8:00 p.m. news conference as well as this late breaking development in the ricin letters. >> thanks very much. now, president obama's gun control agenda was dealt devastating blow today. 54 senators including five democrats voted to defeat a proposal to expand background checks. >> a main setback for those in favor of heightening the rules. expanding gun background checks failed to win over the senate. it was a plan put together by senator joe manchin and pat toomey. it needed 60 votes to move ahead and it got only 54. president o
to commit murder for allegedly sending three letters one to senator wicker, one to president obama and another one to a district court judge in tupelo, mississippi, sadie holland. that was the first letter to be received on april the 10th. haoerp is what we know about this fella. he lives near the border of tennessee. ef is a part-time musician, an elvis i impersonator by trade and seems to sur scribe to various broad spreur theories when it comes to trafficking in body parts. this whole story may go all the way back to city 99 when he was working as a maintenance contractor for a medical facility in tupelo, during which time he says he came across a refrigerator full of body parts. he said he was shocked about what he saw as an illegal trade in body parts, tried to make a lot of people aware of it. he was kicked off the grounds of the medical center, told to never come back. according to a reporter who did stories on him back in that time that's when he began to unrafpl. i talked to an attorney who used to represent him. he said that definitely mr. curtis is suffering from some me
to legal counsel when you're being questioned for national security purposes. so i hope the obama administration will allow that exception and they have a very bad track record here. >> the white house telling reporters it would try tsarnaev in federal court and no other options were considered. >> this is matter decide ode by the attend of yates and the attorney general. the whole national security team supports this decision. >> to bring it down for you, the confusion comes over the venue. there is no way under the military commissions act to try an american citizen at the military courts in guantanamo bay, but if a sed threshold of evidence was met, if there was evidence that the brothers were directed by a foreign terrorist organization that would call for enemy combatant status. >> we have been talking about the trip to russian that the older suspect took. it's my understanding you learn more about the trip. >> fox news was told that russia's equivalent othe fbi isn't a letter to the bureau claiming the older brother was a believer in radical islam and traveled to join an ext
are not taking him out of the court system. >> no, not at all. >> you are postoning that to get the information you described. then he goes right back into the federal court system. i want to ask, does president obama understand that this is not just an ordinary crime? this is a jihad against the united states? that's really at stake here. the thinking, the thought process, do they get that senator ayofte? >> here's the problem, i don't think they want to acknowledge we are at war. we recently captured osama bin laden. his son-in-law. he was advised and brought through our federal court system instead of guantanamo bay. we are not talking about that here. that is how this administration is viewing this. what happened was an act obviously of war to have a terrorist attack like how boston was locked down and what happened. so we need to make sure we can prevent future attacks on our country. if you mirandize this, we're turning this over to defense lawyers. defense lawyers aren't bad people, we don't want to turn our intelligence gathering over to them right now and this terrorist. that's where w
under the law of war. the decision by the obama administration to try this individual in federal court is a sound decision. it is the right decision. military commission trials are not available in cases like this. i wrote the 2009 military commission act. i have been judge advocate for over 30 years. along with the help of my colleagues, we created military commission system for foreign errorists. i have confidence in the world at the three courts at the federal level do a terrific job. i have confidence in our military commission system. the decision by the administration to not proceed into state court in massachusetts i think was the correct decision. the death penalty slable at the federal level. this is clearly in my view candidate for case to be deemed act of terrorism. here is my concern. as a lawyer for over 30 years, civilian and military, i strongly support the concept that no criminal defend should ever be required to incriminate themselves while they're in custody of the government. that is a long held tradition and american jeurys produce and military incivilian setting.
are expecting a news conference to start in toronto. >>> a court hearing continues today for the man accused of sending letters laced with ricin to president obama and a u.s. senator. today the fbi told a judge no ricin was found at the suspect's mississippi home and paul kevin curtis denies any involvement. but the fbi says the letters borrow phrases from his facebook page and indentations on the letters possibly from envelopes that were on top trace back to two of the suspect's former addresses. >>> on thursday, president obama and first lady michelle obama plan to visit the texas town rocked by a deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. residents of west, texas are returning to their homes if they are still intact, and children are back in school. more than 50 homes were destroyed last wednesday and 14 people were killed. the devastating moments after the explosion are heard on newly released 911 tapes. ance st and a (inaudible). i as many east texas tr as you can send investigators now know exacy where the blast went off. b they're still try determine the cause. >> investigators now know
. even his jump shot seems to be gone. the brick layer in chief recently going 2-for-22 on his home court. i don't want to say anything, but someone is laughing at him right now. "even i can lay up. i mean, come on." can obama regain his mow joe on the fund-raising circuit? >> president obama is getting some heat for his comments about california attorney general kamala harrison at a fund-raiser last night. the president said she's brilliant, dedicated and tough and also happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general. >> jon: the president shoots. he... two things. one, i know we're all excited for madmen to be back but that's no time to go draper. and, two, the best-looking attorney general really? are you trying to make dell a bear a.g. beau biden cry? is that what you're trying to do? i don't know if hearts are coming out of my eyes but they should be. i can't even imagine what the first lady must be thinking >> believe me. as a busy single mother -- or i shouldn't say single. >> jon: all right. i mean, i shouldn't... i'm sorry. i shouldn't say single. i mean divorced. availabl
-alcohol levels i should say. the obama administration also was hoping the supreme court would endorse a blanket rule, that would have allowed the tests without any kind of a warrant. we'll keep you updated. jenna: breaking information on the boston bombing investigation. what the fbi releasing this photo showing the mangled remains of the alleged pressure cooker lid used in the bomb. apparently it can be packed with nails and ball bearings in an effort to inflict the most damage on its victims. when all pressure builds up it can force out some of these items at some 200 miles per hour. joining us now, kevin berry, retired detective first grade bomb squad and former nypd. and he worked on the first world trade center bombing and the nine 11 attacks. we have seen the video of these parts and. what is the biggest tell for you? what gives you the most information? >> i think the pressure cooker is going to be the item that is going to break the case. if it was purchased recently they will be able to track that. not too many people today have pressure cookers. it is something that was used by our pa
on thursday. he then made a dramatic escape from the court together with his bodyguard. .e was later arrested his case concerns the firing of five judges in 2007 when he was still in power. in bostonnt obama was for a memorial service on thursday for the victims of the boston marathon bombings. he said the people of boston and the u.s. would not allow the text to change their way of life. >> they sought to intimidate us, terrorize us, shake us from those values that make us who we are as americans, it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it. shortly after the service, the fbi released pictures of two brothers they said could be linked to the bombing. , 26-year-old and a 19-year-old ethnic chechens who had been living in the u.s. for a number of years. hours later the older brother was dead, together with a police officer. officials said there had been a firefight and the brothers had thrown explosives at the police. the young brother had managed to escape. . massive manhunt began for the suspect continued, the boston area was paralyzed. public transport was shut
.com. where we have video from this morning's news conferences with president obama, the boston police commissioner and the special fbi agents in charge. >> reporter: the south bay boys accused of sexually assaulting a young girl who later committed suicide were in juvenile court today. we'll have the latest on the proceedings. >>> steve paulson is up in about fine minutes da -- nine minutes with details on a warmup. >>> the family of a little girl is grieving her devastating loss today. we'll tell you what happened behind this house and the attempts to save her. >>> investigators are looking into two deadly fires last night in san jose. the first one started at about 8:30 at a home on south daniel way. firefighters say the house was fully engulfed when they arrived and strong winds made it difficult to fight. they did pull an elderly woman out of the house but could not save her. another person was found dead inside the home after the fire was put out. the cause is still under investigation. >>> another tragic house fire just a few hours later has a san jose family grieving over the d
. he is expected to spend at least two weeks under house arrest before appearing in court. let's return to our stock -- our top story -- as details emerged on the identities, investigators and the public are trying to understand why they carried out the attacks. president obama said this -- >> obviously, tonight there are many unanswered questions. among them, why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence? how did they plan and carry out these attacks? did they receive any help? >> to discuss the threat of harm, terrorists in the that is states, i'm joined by an international security analyst and former u.s. intelligence officer. he joins us from london. recording ofou a mother has been saying to the media. me that he told would be on the side of jihad. what ever they are talking about, he is a loser. my son would never do this. >> the mother said there that tamrqaln would never be on the side of jihad and would never do this. she says it is a set up. what you make of that? >> it is a mother defended her child. clearly,
of the united states has been tried in a united states criminal court, in a federal district court. that's what president bush did. that's what president obama did and this fellow is an american citizen. it's far from clear that there's any law that would allow him to be tried as an enemy combatant. this is a procedure we know works. people get tried in criminal courts every day. the combatant laws we don't know that one can be successfully conducted. that's lost in a mar ras in guantanamo bay. this case will take a long time, be expensive and complicated but he's going to trial and there's going to be a verdict. we know that. >> jeff, thank you very much. fran, julia, as well. appreciate it. follow me on twitte twitter @andersoncooper. what do you think? should he be charged in a criminal court opposed to an enemy combatant? >>> and we will dig in to the case. the older suspect spent last year in parts of dagestan and chechnya. and the older suspect's widow. what we know about her and their relationship and more importantly what the fbi wants to know from her tonight. >>> later, my interview w
magistrate at his bed side with a court-appointed attorney, a public defender. this is moot as the obama administration has made its decision. is lindsey graham on sound legal ground, saying he should be tried in a civilian court, but held and questioned as an enemy combatant? >> i think the only fair answer to that question is we don't know. because it's never been done before in american history to have some sort of hybrid combatant and criminal proceeding. we do know from jake tapper's reporting, there was an interrogation of tsavraev. and he did disclose his position that there was no broader conspiracy here. just him and his pressure. it seems like the justice department and the fbi have done the kind of interrogation that at least -- that lindsey graham seems to want to have been done, perhaps not as extensive as it might have been. but there was a premiranda interrogation and authorities can work with that, at least now going forward. >> i think that's a fair point. lindsey graham and others will say it wasn't enough. not necessarily just 48 hours of vergation, but days and days i
. markey. the obama administration has chosen to prosecute the surviving suspect in the bombings in the federal court system. instead of before a military tribunal as an enemy combatant were where they have fewer constitutional protections. did they do the right thing? 90 seconds, sir. >> yeah, i believe that president obama and his justice department are completely committed to ensuring that case. is done in this we all heard president obama last week. he said there is a part of boston in him. he said that justice would be done in this case. if in the opinion of president obama and his justice department, the proper place for prosecution is here in the federal district court system of the state of massachusetts, i believe that the court system here in massachusetts can provide that kind of a venue in order to hear this case. so i defer to president obama. i defer to his justice department if in their judgment this is the proper place in order to conduct that trial. >> thank you, sir. mr. lynch, 90 seconds. >> john, i think that we do have sufficient laws in our iminal system to
, and the obama administration announcing he will be tried in a civilian court. with us now, two former federal prosecutors, lis wiehl, doug burns is a criminal defense attorney. we'll get to all that in a minute. but i also want to talk about catherine russell. she is the wife of the now-dead tam p land star navy. she has, apparently -- well, he's the statement from her attorney, a guy named deluca, says she is doing everything she can to assist with the investigation. everything except, apparently, speaking to federal investigators, because at last report she hadn't even talked to them yet. >> right. well, her lawyer -- and i'm sure doug will agree with me -- he's representing her, trying to make sure she gets immunity. whatever she says they cannot charge her with anything, they cannot -- anything they get from her cannot be brought back to her. that's the kind of the defense lawyer's going to work on right now for her. >> in other words, they go in, and the conundrum is, wait a minute, how can i tell them information, so they sign what's called a queen for a day protection. nothing you say
, dzhokhar, an american citizen. will be given full rights and tried in civilian court. yesterday press secretary jay carney made clear where president obama differs from his predecessor. >> he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice. under u.s. law, united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions. >> historically speaking, foreign policy tends to either stain or illuminate a president's legacy. time will tell which foreign policy position will define the obama years. joining us to discuss from washington is former assistant secretary of state and professor at george washington university, professor pj crowley. professor, thank you for joining us. >> hello. >> pj as we talk about the legacy of the obama doctrine, vis-a-vis our war on terrorists drones. the attacks were motivated to do what they did by the wars in iraq and afghanistan. i'll quote a little bit from that story. the 19-year-old suspect in the boston marathon bombings has told interrogators that the american wars in iraq and afghanistan
kurtis was supposed to appear in court today on charges he sent threatening letters to president obama and other officials but the hearing was canceled abruptly and kurtis was released. his attorney says the case has not been dismissed but she is pushing to get the charges dropped saying her client has been set up. to make all of this even more complicated we're also following reports of yet another suspicious letter. this latest one was found at a mail facility at bolling airforce base in maryland. according to the fbi the letter is being tested for a potential biotoxin. leonard cole is a bioterrorism and terror medicine expert. he joins us now live from new york. dr. cole, investigators are calling it a biotoxin. other than ricin what other sorts of chemicals could they be testing for? >> for this particular mix i'm not sure. there are numerous chemicals as well as potential biological agents. ricin is technically a toxin. it is a product of a biological agent, namely the castor plant or bean. there is some memory of course of what happened soon after 9/11 when anthrax spores were se
a statement saying'' mack wheat remaining under threat from radical islam we hope the obama administration seriously considered the enemy combat and option. what that means is this suspect it could go to the military court system but the president signaled the opposite to read between the lines that he believes what distinguishes america is the several civilian court system to uphold our values. he is getting pressure to name him the enemy combat in to that with the two other things he is signaling if he survives go through the civilian court system. >> it appears he will@ survive for cut end henry live. the last time we heard from the authorities at the 6:00 eastern time the news was not good at all and they told the people they cannot find a second suspect and they were lifting the shelter employs order but there were a lot of questions were the investigation was going bad minutes later there was the call of the suspect. are corresponded has the news and the end of this was incredibly tends. >> and it happened right here this building right after those state troopers this is where it fin
to president obama and senator roger wicker. the mississippi man last night making his first court appearance. paul curtis facing charges, threatening the president and others. his lawyer says curtis denies sending the tainted letters. and senator ricker saw him working as an elvis impersonator at a party he had thrown. stay with us for a second live rain shower of "on the record." we'll be right back. c-max two. that's a super fuel- efficient hybrid for me. and a long range plug-in hybrid for you. now, let's review. introducing the ford c-max hybrid and the ford c-max energi plug-in hybrid. say hi to the c-max hybrids. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. everybody has different ideas, goals, appetite for risk. you can't say 'one size fits all'. it doesn't. that's crazy.
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